The Bermuda Triangle

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The legend of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle is one of the strangest of all sea tales. The Bermuda Triangle is a section of the Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern coast of Florida. A line drawn from Florida to Bermuda, then to Puerto Rico and back to Florida, forms a rough triangle over this segment of ocean. Within this triangle, or very near it, more than fifty ships and airplanes have vanished. Many others have met with bizarre disasters.

The legend began in 1945, when a squadron of five American Navy bombers vanished while flying over the area. They were flying during the day, under clear weather conditions, and with compasses. The commander of the five plane squadron was talking to his base by radio. He announced that they seemed to be lost. After that, the planes were never heard from again. A search plane was sent out to find the five. It too disappeared. In 1948, an airliner flying toward Miami vanished over the Triangle. A few months later, another plane disappeared. In 1950, still another airplane flew into the Triangle, never to be seen again. A ship named The Sandra sailed into the triangle and vanished. In 1953, another ship, sailing north of the Triangle, sent out distress signals that were suddenly cut off. Ships and planes were sent to search for the ship, but they never found it.

There have been many explanations for these mysterious happenings. Some people believe that there is a strange force at work in this part of the ocean. Some suggest there may be some kind of `hole' in the triangle that ships and planes go through into another world. Others think that UFO's steal the planes, ships, and their crews, and take them away.

Some people don't believe that there is anything extraordinary about the Bermuda Triangle. Thousands of shipsand airplanes have passed through the Triangle without encountering trouble. The Triangle isn't the only place where ships and planes have vanished. Many ships have vanished all over the world's oceans. Many reasons exist for such things happening, such as sudden storms or seaquakes. These are just some of the dangers of going to sea. The Bermuda Triangle just happens to be a part of the sea where there have been many disasters.

Whatever the reasons for these strange happenings, the legend of the Bermuda Triangle remains the strangest of all sea tales.

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