Verb Tense Quiz 7

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  1. I promised Jack that I _____ go to the hockey game with him on Friday

    had to

  2. I painted the house and it _____ out better than I expected.

    had turned
    would have turned

  3. The test starts at 1:00pm. We_______ be back by that time.


  4. I _______ for a swim but I changed my mind.

    wasn't going to go
    won't go to
    isn't going to
    wasn't going

  5. I don't remember ________ my computer.

    how long I've had
    when did I get
    for how long have I had
    when I was getting

  6. The weatherman says __________.

    it would rain
    it had rained
    it would have rained
    it will rain

  7. Andrew ________ the course on JavaScript programming.

    had already taken
    has already taken
    took already
    would have already taken

  8. ______the new TV you bought?"

    How big is
    How big it is
    It is big
    Is it big

  9. Bill was just going to bed when his wife ______ from work.

    is going
    is coming home
    had come home
    came home

  10. I should ______ my books to school yesterday.

    had brought
    to bring
    have brought

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