Verb Tense Quiz 5

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  1. I didn't hand in my report because it _______.

    didn't finish
    hadn't finished
    wasn't finished
    hasn't finished

  2. If we want to get there on time we must _______ ready by noon.

    to be
    will be

  3. I ______ at the new cafeteria and it was excellent.

    have eaten
    was eating
    had eaten
    did eat

  4. My apartment is too expensive. _______ to find a cheaper one.

    I'd like
    I'll like
    I like
    I'm liking

  5. _____________ to conversation class tonight?

    Are you go
    Did you go
    Have you gone
    Are you going

  6. Peter plays a lot of tennis but he used to play more than he _______.


  7. I _____ a cold since last Thursday.

    have been having
    have had

  8. Ivan said __________.

    he will be here in a few minutes
    he can be here in a few minutes
    he would be here in a few minutes
    he is here in a few minutes

  9. Nobody knows _________ come to class on Friday.

    why he didn't
    why he did
    why didn't he
    why did he

  10. How long ______ since you quit smoking?

    it has been
    had it been
    it is
    has it been

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