Verb Tense Quiz 4

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  1. Marcia _______ at school for two weeks.

    hasn't been
    hadn't been

  2. Steve left and he didn't say where ________.

    was he going
    is he going
    he went
    he was going

  3. The train is very late. It ______ two hours ago.

    was supposed to come
    must have come
    should have come
    had better come

  4. The repairman is here. He needs to know what ________.

    to do
    to be done
    I do

  5. When I was younger I _______ baseball cards.

    use to collect
    was used to collect
    used to collecting
    used to collect

  6. Mary bought new luggage ______ on her vacation.

    just before she was to go
    before she was just going
    before she had gone
    while she went

  7. ______ to Jasper for the past several years.

    I don't go
    I'm not going
    I haven't gone
    I didn't go

  8. There was a big storm yesterday. I was playing golf when it ______.

    had hit
    was hit
    was hitting

  9. When Leslie was in Calgary, she ______ shopping three times.

    has gone
    had gone

  10. Larry ________ me of a good place to stay when I was in Edmonton


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