Verb Tense Quiz 3

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  1. I underestimated how much time it ___________ to prepare for the TOEFL Exam.

    would take
    will take
    will have taken

  2. I really enjoyed that new restaurant but I can't remember ____

    what was it called
    what is was called
    what is was
    how it was called

  3. I am going to return Linda's book when I _______ .

    will see her
    am seeing her
    see her
    saw her

  4. I always go to the Hot Springs whenever I ____ in Banff.

    have been

  5. I will wait until my boyfriend ______ to get a ride home.

    is coming
    will come

  6. My sister is having a baby. I hope she will call when ______.

    she will have some news
    she would have some news
    she had some news
    she has some news

  7. I left school when I was sixteen, and I've wanted to return since _____.

    five years
    five years ago
    I had eighteen years
    I was eighteen

  8. Could you tell me when _______?

    the next train leaves
    will the next train leave
    leaves the next train
    is leaving the next train

  9. Ted has the flu. I don't think he ______ to class on Monday.
    will come
    was to come
    is coming
    is to come

  10. __________ since you were home for the holidays?

    It has how long been
    How long has it been
    It has been how long
    How long it has been

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