Verb Tense Quiz 2

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  1. I've been in this city for a long time. I _____ here sixteen years ago.

    have come
    was coming
    had come

  2. The bus was late. The passengers were angry because they ______ for half an hour.

    are waiting
    were waiting
    have been waiting
    had been waiting

  3. If more people used public transportation, traffic jams _____ .

    doesn't exist
    wouldn't exist
    isn't existing
    won't be existing

  4. The soccer team _______ a championship until last year, when they won first place.

    has never won
    is never winning
    had never been winning
    had never won

  5. Chen ____ English for three years.

    will be studying
    has study
    will have been studying
    has been studying

  6. We have a cottage at Sylvan Lake. It ____ in the family for thirty years.

    has been
    will be

  7. The vegetables should be ready, they ___ for at least twenty minutes.

    are boiling
    have been boiling
    were boiling

  8. I am not busy on Friday . I ____ you move.

    will help
    am going to help
    am helping

  9. To make soil, gardeners usually ____ their compost pile each day.

    are turning
    have turned

  10. You look tired. You ______ too hard lately.

    were working
    have been working

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