Present Perfect 1

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The present perfect past tense is formed with have (has) and the past participle of the main verb. The present perfect tense describes an action that happened at an indefinite time in the past. The present perfect also describes an action that was repeated several times in the past.

  1. Someone _______ my CD player.

    have stole
    have stolen
    has stole
    has stolen

  2. _______ a grizzly bear?

    Have you ever seen
    Have you ever see
    Has you ever seen
    Has you ever see

  3. I _____ sky diving.

    has never try
    never tried
    have never try
    have never tried

  4. He _______ hard this week at his job.

    has work
    have work
    has worked
    have worked

  5. Bill ______ a new house.

    have just bought
    have just buy
    has just bought
    has just but

  6. That house _______ painted green for ten years.

    have be
    have been
    has be
    has been

  7. The bus _____ down.

    have broke
    have broken
    has broke
    has broken

  8. Susan ________ two pieces of cake.

    have ate
    have eaten
    has ate
    has eaten

  9. I ____ three kilometers to get to work.

    have rode
    have ridden
    has rode
    has ridden

  10. We ______ on the Glenmore resevoir.

    has sail
    has sailed
    have sail
    have sailed

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