Past Perfect 4

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The past perfect past tense is formed with had and the past participle of the main verb. The past perfect tense describes an action that took place in the past before another past action.

  1. I went to bed after I _____ the news on television.

    had watched
    have watched

  2. Before he moved to Calgary, Charles _______ in Saskatoon.

    have lived
    had lived

  3. Paul ______ at Lake Louise every winter until 1999.

    have skied
    had skied

  4. He said he ______ everywhere for his keys

    had looked
    have looked
    had look

  5. The insurance company answered the letter that I ________.

    have written
    had written
    have wrote

  6. The bus _______ by the time we got to the bus stop.

    have left
    has left
    had left

  7. I ________ for a long time before I wrote the TOEFL exam.

    had studied
    had study
    have studied

  8. Garry said that he ________ his lunch.

    had eaten
    have eaten

  9. I ________ an elk before I went to Jasper.

    never seen
    had never seen
    never have seen
    never saw

  10. ________ been to Disneyland before your trip this year?

    Have you ever
    You had
    Had ever you
    Had you ever

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