Past Perfect 3

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The past perfect past tense is formed with had and the past participle of the main verb. The past perfect tense describes an action that took place in the past before another past action.

  1. She _________ the ocean before she moved to Vancouver.

    had never seen
    never seen
    have never seen
    had never saw

  2. The teacher ________ out when I arrived in the classroom.

    have gone
    had gone

  3. I ______ my document before the power went out in the computer lab.

    had save
    have saved
    had saved

  4. When they arrived we ________ the test.

    had already started
    have already started
    already starting

  5. George _________ his furniture before he moved to Japan.

    have sold
    had sold
    had sell

  6. Larry _________ his homework already by the time Roy came over.

    have finish
    had finish
    had finished

  7. I ________ a little Spanish before I went to Mexico

    had studied
    had study
    have studied

  8. Ruth ________ an Austrailian until she met John.

    had never met
    have never met
    never met
    never have met

  9. I ________ such majestic mountains before I went to Banff.

    never seen
    had never seen
    never have seen
    never saw

  10. ________ visited Toronto before your trip last summer?

    Have you ever
    You had
    Had ever you
    Had you ever

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