Passive 6

Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form. When you have finished all the questions, click on the Get Score button at the bottom of the page to see your score and the correct answers.

Passive and active with modals. Use the modals should, should have, must, could, could have, might, might have, have to, had better, supposed to, would.
Passive form - modal + be + past participle
Past passive form - modal + have been + past participle

  1. Someone Tom the news immediately. (tell)

  2. Tom the news a long time ago. (tell)

  3. Meat in a refrigerator or it will go bad. (keep)

  4. You meat in a refrigerator or it will go bad. (keep)

  5. We tried, but the window . It was painted shut. (open)

  6. Walter may accept the position, but he a job by another company already.(accept)

  7. These books to the library by tomorrow. (return)

  8. Andy, your homework before class tomorrow. (finish)

  9. Ann's birthday is this week. Her birthday card a week ago. (send)

  10. Bill didn't expect to see his father at the party. He . (surprise)

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