Modal Quiz 1

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  1. Thomas ______ rather walk to school than catch the bus.


  2. Sonia was late for work this morning. She ___ been on time.

    had to
    should have
    must have
    could have

  3. Mary is reading a grammar book because she has a test tommorow. She ______.

    could study
    should be studying
    will study
    must be studying

  4. When Bruce was younger, he _____ fit into his uniform but now that he has grown, it no longer fits.

    has got to
    should be able to

  5. I ______ the job of taking care of my younger brothers and sisters when my parents went out.

    would get
    should get
    must have gotten
    had better get

  6. I ____ to the grocery store yesterday. I drove right by it.

    could go
    could have gone
    ought to have gone

  7. Paul and Larry ____ baseball when they were in school.

    could play
    used to play
    could have played
    may have played

  8. Televisions were on sale and Mark ______ one for a very good price.

    could buy
    was supposed to buy
    was able to buy

  9. The party was Okay, but I'd rather _____ to a movie

    be going
    have gone

  10. Since we have to be there in a hurry, we _____ take a taxi.

    had better
    have been used to
    are able to

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