Grammar Quiz 9

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  1. David and James ______________ go golfing because there was a thunder storm.

    may not
    would rather not
    could not

  2. I've been failing tests: I think I _____________ more.

    had to study
    have to study
    should study
    would study

  3. I've never been to the Glenbow Museum, and ___________.

    Edwardo has either
    either Edwardo has
    Edwardo hasn't neither
    neither has Edwardo

  4. I don't know when ___________.

    does next term begin
    the next term begins
    begins next term
    does begin next term

  5. Rosa was ________ to go to work yesterday.

    too much sick
    very sick
    sick enough
    too sick

  6. Can you tell me where __________ ?

    lives Brian
    Brian does live
    does Brian live
    Brian lives

  7. I wish that I ___________ speak English well.


  8. Since we planted the garden, I _________ a lot of vegetables.

    should eat
    was eaten
    did eat
    have eaten

  9. Petro Canada is _________ building in Calgary.

    the most high
    the most highest
    the highest
    too high

  10. English and French ____________ in Canada.

    are speaking
    are spoken

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