Grammar Quiz 3

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  1. Mary _________ me the book that I asked for.

    has given
    was giving

  2. He ________ that car for very long. It still looks new.

    wasn't having
    has not had
    hasn't been having

  3. She always ________ she's happy when I ask her.

    was saying

  4. My teacher ________ angry with me even when I forget my homework.

    was never being
    is never being
    was never
    is never

  5. They ______ with the choir on Wednesday evenings.

    have sung
    are singing

  6. She ______ to classical music on the radio.

    never listens
    never listened
    is never listening
    was never listening

  7. We _______ every game so far this year, but we still have two more to play.

    are winning
    have won
    will win

  8. My jacket is still wet. I ______ in out of the rain.

    did just come
    am just coming
    have just come

  9. My brother _______ what our mother tells us to do.

    is never doing
    never do
    never does
    never doing

  10. I'll have to call you later; I _______ my homework now.

    be doing
    am doing
    will do

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