Grammar Quiz 2

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  1. Mark's coach suggested __________ for a few days.

    that he is resting
    his resting
    him to rest
    that he rest

  2. I don't like scary movies, and _________.

    she doesn't too
    either doesn't she
    neither does she
    she doesn't neither

  3. Please __________ cash in the mail.

    not to submit
    do not submit
    no submit
    not submit

  4. I _________ bacon and eggs every morning.

    am used to have
    used to having
    am used to having
    use to have

  5. Could you please ____________.

    to open the window
    opening the window
    open the window
    to the window opening

  6. You _________ your tickets today if you want to go to the hockey game.

    had better to buy
    had to better buy
    had better buy
    had bought

  7. If it ________ so cold we could sit in the Olympic Plaza.

    not be

  8. Your parents used to visit quite often, _________?

    doesn't they
    wouldn't they
    hadn't they
    didn't they

  9. If she _________ to me about it earlier, I could have lent her the money.

    would speak
    would have speak
    had spoken

  10. I would rather you ________ anything about the broken window.

    didn't do
    not doing

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