Grammar Quiz 16

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  1. I can't find my wallet. _____ it at home.

    I must leave
    Might I have left
    Maybe I leave
    I might have left

  2. In spite of the heavy snow, some people are planning to go to the mall, but _____ are staying home.

    most of people
    many of a number
    many of them
    the most people

  3. A renewal notice _____ sent to my husband by the insurance company last week.

    has been
    have been

  4. We _____ to go to Banff, but my wife got sick three days before we were going to leave.

    have been planning
    had been planning
    have planned
    was planned

  5. "Have you ever played soccer?" "Yes, I _____ all the time when I was a child."

    would have played
    should have played
    used to play
    must have play

  6. I'm planning to go camping this weekend, but I have so much gardening to do that I _____ stay home.

    may have

  7. I can't go too the movies tonight, because I have _____ to do.

    too many homeworks
    too much homework
    too much homeworks
    much too many homeworks

  8. Rhonda _____ to file her taxes tomorrow morning because the deadline is tomorrow noon.

    is going

  9. "What would you like to drink?" "I'll have _____, please."

    a little tea
    a tea cup
    a cup tea
    a tea

  10. The children swam, rode bicycles and _____ soccer in the park yesterday.

    have played
    way playing
    had played

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