Grammar Quiz 15

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  1. Robert is a great golfer. His father tells me that he _____ since he was five years old.

    has plays
    was playing
    is playing
    has been playing

  2. It is strange that we haven't heard _____ news about the hurricane.

    a lot
    much of

  3. Reading the book _____ nearly as interesting to me as seeing the movie.


  4. I _____ for the ABC Company for fifteen years in August.

    will have worked
    was working
    will work
    has worked

  5. Every system on the space shuttle _____ before launch.

    will been checked
    will has checked
    will be checked
    will checked

  6. Do you know that ice cream has about _____ calories as three glasses of milk?

    so many
    so much
    as many
    as much

  7. _____ students went to the student council meeting this month than last month.

    Less than
    Less of the
    A few of
    A few more

  8. "I couldn't go to work yesterday, because my car wouldn't start." "You _____ mine. I wasn't using it."

    could borrow
    may borrow
    could have borrowed
    may have borrowed

  9. Ellen is a wonderful singer. She _____ since she was four.

    has been singing
    was singing
    is singing
    has been sung

  10. Television _____ very popular ever since the it came widely available.

    has been
    had been

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