Grammar Quiz 11

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  1. Before you go out, make sure that the TV __________.

    has switched off
    is switched off
    switched off
    is switching off

  2. I _______ him only once since I met him last year.

    have seen
    did see
    had saw

  3. ________ you finished writing that letter yet?


  4. I haven't played volleyball for years, but my sister ______ sometimes.

    still plays
    is still playing
    has still played
    will still be playing

  5. I ______ home at nine every morning.

    am leaving
    was leaving

  6. She is looking forward ___________ the baby.

    of have
    to having
    for having
    to have

  7. It is vital that you __________ there at 9:00.

    will be

  8. I ______ for my friends so we can leave together.

    am waiting
    will wait
    have waited

  9. Jim has an exam tomorrow so he __________.

    is in his room studying
    studies is his room
    in his room is studying
    has in his room studied

  10. What _________ about the new anti-terrorist law?

    are you thinking
    do you think
    have you thought
    have you been thinking

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