Grammar Quiz 10

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  1. I am looking for an inexpensive apartment. They ______ harder to find.

    have become
    are becoming

  2. On a typical day, the average person __________ about 48,000 words.

    was speaking
    is speaking

  3. "I just won the lottery." " Stop kidding. I _______ you!"

    am not believing
    didn't believe
    don't believe
    wasn't believing

  4. By tomorrow, you _______ all about it.

    will be forgetting
    will have forgotten

  5. Janice quit her job. She _______ along with her boss for a long time.

    hadn't been getting
    hasn't been getting
    isn't getting
    didn't get

  6. Since their clothes are wet, they _______________ in the rain.

    must have walked
    should have walked
    need have walked
    can have walk

  7. We were running because we thought that the class ________.

    had already began
    has already began
    had already begun
    have already beginning

  8. I hadn't expected Tom to apologize but I had hoped ________.

    him calling me
    that he would call me
    him to call me
    that he call me

  9. My wife worked in a bank in our country, and so _______.

    did I
    had I
    I had
    I did

  10. Does Roy _________ golf?

    know to
    know how to
    know how
    knowing how to

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