Error Recognition 5

Correct the following sentences. When you have finished all the questions, click on the Get Score button at the bottom of the page to see your score and the correct answers.

  1. The man didn't know what was he going to do next.

  2. I'll phone you as soon as I will get the tickets.

  3. She didn't want to get marry with him.

  4. We wondered why didn't you come.

  5. We told you we would waited you at the restaurant.

  6. The police officer told me I would have to paying the speeding ticket.

  7. The woman who was very angry because she had waited so long.

  8. Could you tell me where could I finds a pay phone?

  9. He alway showed me what to do when I don't know what to do.

  10. Can you take care of my dog two weeks while I am away?

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