Canada Quiz 1

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  1. Who are the Aboriginal peoples in Canada?

    French and Métis
    The first inhabitants of Canada.
    Early European immigrants.
    United Empire Loyalists

  2. In which parts of Canada did the Aboriginal peoples first live?

    The Great Lakes region.
    The Prairies.
    All regions.
    The West coast

  3. What are the three main groups of aboriginal peoples?

    First Nations, Métis and Inuit.
    Europeans, First Nations and Inuit.
    United Empire Loyalists, Métis and Inuit
    Acadians, United Empire Loyalists and First Nations

  4. The Métis are decended from _____________.

    French traders and English women
    French or English traders and First Nations women
    English traders and First Nations women
    English traders and Acadian men

  5. The Métis first worked with the Euopean settlers in the _____________ industry.

    fur trading
    buffalo herding

  6. The _________ make up more than half the population of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

    First Nations

  7. The first European settlers in Canada came from _________.


  8. The first explorers came to Atlantic Canada ______________.

    to establish farming communities
    to escape wars in Europe
    to look for gold
    to fish and trade withe First Nations People

  9. Who are the Acadians?

    German immigrants.
    Decendents of the the first French settlers.
    An aboriginal people.
    Refugees from the American Revolution.

  10. The United Empire Loyalists were _____________.

    British settlers from the United States
    French settlers

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